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megan racing springs? any1 use them? they are a lot cheaper than other springs and they have a greater drop rate. lookin for some info. ride quality and performance?

is there a short shifter available? i was racing around last night and begging for one...

has any1 installed aftermarket racing seats? im contemplating it and i think it would be a fun project...

i want a nos kit lol.

this last one is for the sake of interest. from my perspective, it seems that the v is a perfect candidate for a rear mount turbo. the other turbo'd V's iv seen have a lot of clearance issues with our generally small engine bay but from spending i couple hours inspecting the v it seems like if we relocated the battery to under the dash on the passenger side (or trunk or wherever you prefer) that it would open up the engine bay enough for the piping required. and leave room for the intake which has been an issue for turbo v's. any1 else have any thoughts on this?
Megan Racing spring, ask Codelicious about that. He says they ride ok, personally, I'd go with Tanabe because they're made in Japan. It's less of a drop but the quality is there.

Not sure about short shifters around. The only companies I know is Neuspeed and Skunk2. That's something many people never talk about but I will do some research and get back to you on that.

BlueMango had some aftermarket seats from Sparco. She used them for a car show but had to return them. They were plug 'n play.

If you want a NOS kit, we'll have to start a thread, get enough people to begin a group buy. ZEX makes a universal 4 cyl nitrous system, take a look into it.

I'll add your name to the list of members interested in a Turbokit for the V.
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