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Sandblasting and Painting??

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Hey everyone, its been a while since I really posted, college is killing me! Anyway i've been looking at my kobe oku-10 rims and Im thinking of sandblasting them and getting them painted white for a white out look :) has anyone sandblasted rims before? never had it done and Does anyone know if sandblasting kills the chrome lip or just shines it more??
heres my rims now..
Alloy wheel Tire Rim Spoke Wheel

Looking to go more like this but maybe keep the lip..not sure
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it will strip the chrome (i doubt the lips are chrome!)
dont paint the wheels, powder coat them, any decent poweder coat shop will sandblast them before they coat them.
I doubt their real chrome also, and yeah i'm looking to get them powder coated! there's a local shop near me who might be able to hook me up for cheapp
What color are you looking to paint them?
I haven't picked out the exact shade of paint yet, But its Definitely going white. Going for a white out look! everyone around me is all blacked out and Id rather be different.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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