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Scratched interior?

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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My black interior plastic gets "dirty scratched" or something, I dont know how to explain it. The worst spot is on the back driver door on the black plastic trim just below the window. The dog got ahold of it with its nails. Its not scratched but it did make a mark. It looks like a mud spot, goes away when wiped but as soon as its dried it comes back. Is this a result of cheap plastic, or maybe not enough elbow grease? Does someone know a way or product that can get rid of this? I'm at work and can't post pics right now.
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Cheap plastic I would say. Maybe get some conditioner wipes like armorall or something.
those are hard to get rid off hmmm i dont know ill do some product testing for you :p i have scratch on the back too :p
I'm bout to take every panel off and rhino line it :)

The car would be really quiet and it wouldn't scratch.
Those scratches remind me of the interiors of the Fords and Chevy cars hard plastic. They get scuffed up easily and look hideous, and depreciate easily.
I used to hide mine by rubbing a HB Pencil across them to fill he gaps a bit.

Might help ya dull it down :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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