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Scratches and Bumper

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Hello, I drive a 2010 nissan versa 1.6 base.

It got hit and run at walmart last night and it left scratches like somebody keyed it and the driver side rear bumper resurfaced a little bit.

I'm really pissed because I just bought it and somebody already messed it.
I already took it to auto shops and most of them said it would cost around $500 to fix it, so i decided I'm just going to fix it myself.

I'm very unexperienced when it comes to fixing cars.

I attached some of its pictures.

I need help and advise on fixing the bumper and repainting.

What's also a good store to buy the paint from?

Thanks a lot


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That blows dude, same happened to me at school, mine wasn't so deep so I got a hand blade and Goo-Gone and CAREFULLY removed the scratches. I'd say do the same but be VERY careful. Then if there are any deeper scratches you can get some touch up paint from Nissan or a local auto parts. I'd suggest Nissan because its the same color code but its a $10+/- difference so thats up to you. Keep us updated.
oh man, that sucks!

have you tried to see what your insurance would do for you with regards to the hit and run? maybe they might help, but you never know with insurance companies now a days... trust me i know lol..

hope you get your v fixed up soon! let us know what happens
Thanks for the replies. I already talked to my insurance which is USAA. I have to pay $1,000 for my deductable even though its a hit and run so it's really not worth it to file a claim. I'd rather take it to auto shops than pay $1000 and have my car an accident record which wasn't even my fault.

Can you provide me or show a step by step procedures on fixing the bumper and repainting?

Appreciate your help
My spray painting skills aren't good so I'd take it to a body shop. Should be around $200.
wow that deductible suckkks, sorry to hear. and hey talk to your broker and maybe they can help you out seeing as its not your fault. if you read my blow off post about my accident on the highway it wasn't my fault either but the insurance company helped out after talking to my broker and i paid just over $600 deductible and its not gonna raise my rates.

but yah it probably is a lot easier to just go to a shop and get them to paint it for you. and make sure to check around at different shops.
Dang I guess repainting it is a lot of work. But yeah I already talked to my broker and it still didn't work out even If I don't have to pay the deductable I still have to pay $300 for the hit and run cause accident and plus they will put it on my vehicle's accident record. I've also went around, took my versa to several autoshops and most of them said the same thing that it would cost around $500 to get all fixed.

Any suggestion?

Thanks for the replies
$500 isnt bad. I'd go for it. Just make sure you get warranty.
i've had my rear bumper painted (cause i was stupid enough to load my bmx bike into my versa without taking out the pegs and yah.. you guessed it scratched that puppy up bad >.o) and paid around the $500 dollar mark so yah it isnt bad.
Thanks for the replies. Where can I get a real nissan bumper clamps that is cheap but genuine besides nissan stores?
Courtesy Nissan parts is around, not sure if they're cheaper than getting them directly from Nissan though.
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