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Seat Question Need Help Please!

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I have a 2007 Nissan Versa with about 51K miles in it. I bought the car new and after 6 months I heard a "clank" sound from under my seat. Ever since then the driver seat feels not as solid as the passenger side. The wobble is worst when I raise the height of the seat. I just tought that this is how the seat was made and I should get used to it. Well, i was doing some cleaning under the seat and I removed the over hang that is tucked under the seat and I noticed there is a metal brace to the back of the seat that is lose on one side. I compared it with the passenger side and the one on the passenger side is soldered to both ends of the brace. I need big help from Versa owners with the height adjustment feature on the driver seat to check the rear brace of the seat to see if their brace is also loose on the left side. the brace in question looks like a piece of tube about an inch in diameter. I tried to compare my seat brace at the dealer but they were jerks and would not open one of their V's for me to check this issue even though I told them that I don't need to take off the overhang. I have the extended gold Plus warranty and it is covered but I just want to make sure I don't take the car in for a none issue.
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