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second Charlotte meet?

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hey i was wondering if yall wanted to meet up again sometime in say january ?
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Sounds like a winner. I will try to bring friends. Figure out the date/ time/ place.
all the way from virginia thats a long haul :)
Almost 6 hrs. I'm always up for a road trip :)
gotcha im still working on my car got a few things to do before wheres everybody else at
Sounds good for me. Sundays or Mondays are great for me.
alright when we can get something setup with the others maybe one it warms up so we can all do something instead of walking around the wannabe mall of america
ok i may need to come to this one ill bring the 240sx cuz i dont have a versa anymore but versa s 2009 u still have my number u should hit me up before u all meet so i can come
Ok, sounds good, I will. Just lemme know when.
well heck if a 240sx is coming we should get daniel to bring his lol
I will be there depending on when it is
alright ill give daniel a holler and let him know whats up when it gets warmer... i gota get a few more things done to my versa cant show up to a meet without some new toys :p
You guys should bring the meet alot more South lol
or you could come more north lol
lol that is true but that would be a road trip for me. It would be great though to go if I had the money for gas time and patience to drive lol
lol yeah I wish I had more of all that too. Its going to be a trip for me too not as long as you but I have to drive like 5 hours to get there
o wow that is pretty far. Are you guys just meeting up and taking some pics
havent really decided honestly, meeting up for pictures to me seems kinda bland im trying to figure out whats going to be around in jan. or feb. id rather get us doing something fun because honestly meeting up if you live like 3 minutes down the road isnt a big deal but we got some long distance travelers :p so we need suggestions honestly for stuff to do.
hah...the 240 is soon to be gone. We (he) has a G35 now.

And i didnt realize HE was logged in. Damnit. this is Amanda (adeaton) lol
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