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Security Indicator Light Problem

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I searched through the threads to see if there were any other issues with this topic & found none, perhaps someone can help me.

The security indicator light

won't stop blinking, (even when car is turned off-for over an hour) and it just started a day ago (never has before). I've looked and read the manual but there was no clear answer as to why the light blinks (other than to say the alarm is armed) Even though I have no alarm.
This is the link to my manual--> Just in case, its a 2011 Nissan Versa hatchback page 2-17.

I can't figure out what the problem is. Perhaps someone can help? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Mine never stops blinking either. I think it's just a dummy light to trick would be thieves looking into your car into thinking you have an alarm.

Edit: I just read the manual in your link. If you don't have a smart key FOB that light blinking indicates that your vehicle immobilizer is active and functioning. If the light is steady on there is a malfunction of the immobilizer system. Basically it has to do with your registered, chipped key.
Hmmm, it's so weird though considering it just started blinking and it never has before. If its only a matter on the blinking and nothing else then I won't be worried. I was just thinking there was some type of key/lock issue that could affect me starting it properly or something I wouldn't know about. This literally started a day ago. I purchased my car used back in December, and this is the first I've seen it do that. Thanks for the input!
I went over two years before I noticed that light! I'm thinking you didn't notice it blinking LOL. Or maybe there is a short in your LED that magically fixed itself. Basically you only need to worry if it's steady on. If it is your car will not start most likely. But blinking is exactly what you want it to do.
Well, I would have thought the same thing except for another family member who drives it noticed it came on too. I thought that may have been the case, but it could have been a short, who knows.
Ok, so as long as it isn't on permanently I'm good.... good to know, thank you!
mine 2 but no Gauge Cluster light just the logo the car won't start

so what 2 do ????????????
mines blinked since new, if the car still starts i wouldn't worry about it.
Hi all, my 2014 VersaNote SV Nav has similar problem. The Nissan Vehicule Immobilizer System (NVIS), i.e. the <little red car with black key in it> indicator on dash display stays ON at all times while the car is functioning. It does not disallow me to start the car. Before going to dealer, as my warranty is up, I wanted to know if there was a quick fix? My keyless FOB are ok, battery is fine....pls advise! thx
Hello guys,my 2011 Nissan versa, is a basic no power window and not remote keys only solid key and the light is blinking about every 2 secons and sometimes turn on and sometimes not start, I need some advice, thanks
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