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Sentra spec v brakes on the Versa

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Now I haven't done the research on my own but searched a little and came up with nothing. Is it possible to swap the b16 brakes and tire combo? I know the sentra is slightly larger than the V but it would be interesting especially if it were cheaper than the Rotora brake upgrade.
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B16 spec V's are 5 lug. You will be needing to change over more then just the brakes. Might be good option someone wanting to go 5 lug on a V. You may want to look into maybe the b15 brembo package. But that is costly.
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B16 ser spec are 5 lug and b15 spec are 4. You will have to change more than brakes abd being ser spec v are disc all around ur master cyclinder is most likly gonna have to be swap

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