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shift boot! question.

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ok guys, anyone installed a new boot on their v? i baught a suede one with blue stitching and i coudnt get it on :( anyone switched it? can u please tell me how? i just couldnt get it to fit properly. i want to cut the plastic piece on the original one and just wrap the other aftermarket one around it but i dnt wanna risk ending up with no shift boot!! please help! :) sank you berry much! :)
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I wanna cut together a Crown Royal bag into a shift boot. I'll figure it out when I get the time to do it. Is yours a universal boot? You could prolly get away with wrapping it over the OEM boot.
well i had a universal one but i ended up cutting it up to much and messed it up. im thinking of buying a new one soon just curious if anyone has done this and how.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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