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Shifting in automatic transmission

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You guys are all probably like whaaat? :skep: no. So I have this friend that has a honda accord automatic trans. and when he wants to change lanes or speed up to somebody or just be reckless he shifts to D2 and D1 (he has from D1 all the way to D4) is this ok to do? I feel like for some reason it destroys the transmission but I don't know anything about cars :ashamed: lol
Thanks for input
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I have a manual myself but I wouldn't do that. I heard those are supposed to help the tranny so it doesn't have to work as hard going uphills and such. Not sure.
Right. I was also curious to see if anyone w a V did this as well.. And yes I have heard that. for uphills and downhills i believe
for going up hills I will shift out of overdrive and sometimes I will shift from 1 to 2 to drive from a stop,,dont know if I would downshift though,,dont know if it will damage anyting but i would rather not find out ,,,
I too will shift from 1 to 2 from a stop, and from a stop going up a hill. I down shifted once in my Sentra. I was going about 55 mph and dropped it down to 2. The car lunged, and the engine was doing this weird loud shift sound. Never again. It didn't seem right, and who knows how much damage it would cause if I did it constantly.
You can shift up through the gear and it won't hurt anything. You can also turn od off to get up a hill but I wouldnt recomend going from D to 1 or 2.
Turn off OD, stomp the gas, bring up the revs and it will shift.

Sometimes you don't need to turn off OD, if the revs get high enough to the redline, it will shift there instead of say 3-4k. If you take your time with the gas, it will shift early.

Don't need Gear 1 or 2, I use that mainly to slow the engine on steep downhills. The versa should have enough torque to accel from stop on an uphill.
Yup it does. But I was just asking if it was damaging to the engine to do so
Yup it does. But I was just asking if it was damaging to the engine to do so
Probably. There's no point really, let's say you are in 3rd gear going 40mph with 2-3k rpm, if you hit the revs fast enough, it will automatically shift down to 2 to grab those higher revs, then shift back up to 3rd. I really just let the auto do it, mind you, unless you are driving manual, the car is smarter than you LOL....
lol I know. I guess my pal just likes to feel like his car's a manual. Thanks its been bugging me for a while!
I have an issue when I'm on a really long hill,,we have alot here in tennessee,and the car is in overdrive, it keeps shifting back and forth between overdrive and 3rd,,is so annoying I have to lock out the overdrive
I believe 1st gear on an automatic is for when you're going less than 5MPH going down hill on ice or on snow or just a really big down hill that you need to be real careful and you don't want to go too fast so you want to lock the transmission to keep it from upshifting.
if the car upshifts to second, then it makes the car go faster down the hill.
you can still apply the brakes, but keeping the car on 1st gear going down hill less than 5MPH not allowing it to upshift helps with braking

same with keeping it on 2nd gear, but I guess that's if you don't want to go faster than 20MPH or 30MPH but you still need to apply the brakes going down hill

there's no need to down shift going up because the transmission will automatically do that for you. that's why is called an automatic but you would have to floor it a little bit more to let the transmission know, hey I need more power and then it will downshift for you.
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