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Shoring up the trunk.

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Hi guys!
i just got my versa sedan. i LOVE it. however, i have one complaint. the trunk floor is horridly flimsy. its made out of 1/4 inch mdf backed by carpet. i've seen far to many cases where the floor warps and their trunk turns into this mess and just looks trashy.

my thoughts.

i'm thinking about taking the carpeted floor mat and using that as a template to cut out a wooden insert. probably 3/4 plywood.

however, i was wondering if anyone knew of some product that would do the job while maintaining some commercial aesthetic.
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Something like this???

I made my own trunk floor because I want my sub box to look like it was coming up out of the floor. I used 1/2" MDF, or 1/2" plywood, I can't remember. I've not got 1/4" braced with 1x3 I did exactly what you just said, used the regular floor puiece to trace out the shape I needed, although mine was 3 pieces because if it was a single piece it would be difficult to take out/put in. I did the little side"wings" seperate and just made one big rectangle essentially for the center. If anything, just brace the current floor with some 1/2 ply or some 1x3's
If you're putting the carpeting on over it why are you worried about the aesthetic?
Ben_B, my thoughts are, if i can fine a sturdy solution that looks good, i can use that and keep the carpet nice for if i ever sell it.

athikerguy4life, if i can't find a comercial version, i might try something like that. except i'll probably make the rectangle in the middle hinged so i can get into the spare compartment. if i can make it sturdy enough, i might be able to fit my tool boxes underneath and keep the trunkspace for more delicate cargo.

i <3 my ride, yeah, not sure i'd use wood flooring tho.

my other thought is maybe using some of that 1/2 to 1 inch rubber matting and cutting everything out of that, then adding some 1x2 ribs to the stock flooring to keep it sturdy.
Sounds good. I'd try Home Depot or local hardware stores.
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