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Shout out to.... myself

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Hello; I'm Bill
I'm not new to car forums, but I don't have much time to get on them anymore.
Even though I might not be very active, I joined up because I'd like a place to do some reading when ever there's something I need to know.

I'm going to pick up my 2012 Versa hatchback Special Edition this Friday. I was hoping to acquire an SL, but the price on my Special Edition was good enough. I haven't actually seen the car yet. I let my grandfather check it out, and lets just say I trust the old timer when it comes to checking out automobiles. So, I'm unsure which color blue it is, or how it handels, but I'm hoping it's nice. My grandfather told me it drives better than his 2011 Focus, and said he would gladly trade if I didn't like it. I needed a newer car, so I sent the downpayment and did the paper work mostly over email/fax because I'm a stressed out college student / old married man, without a lot of extra time.
My wife is real excited to junk our old 1993 Chrysler LeBaron & she's looking forward to having 4 doors. I think she's even more excited that it may exclusively be her car when I get my 3000GT back on the road, but she doesn't know that I want the Versa to keep miles off the 3KGT baahahahaha!

Anyway I'm here and might have time to make a post now and then, but probably mostly when I need to know something and I'm feeling to lazy to look it up for myself. Please don't hate, there's enough of that going on in the world.
This is the first time I'v ever gotten a car that wasn't built before 1995, and I'm a little excited, except for the car payment & full coverage insurance.

Please share if there's anything you think I need to know!
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Welcome to the forums. Hope you like your Versa. I've had mine for 2 years and love it.
i've had several K cars...nuff said:D welcome!
welcome to the forums
Welcome! I'd like to see your 3kGT! Post some pics :) I'm sure you'll love your versa! They're pretty fun economic cars.

The current condition of my 3000GT is laughable, and it's not anything to brag about. I've had it 12 years now, and have not drove it in 5. It didn't break down on me, but it required 120k mile service that I didn't have money for. Then it got placed on the back burner for a long time, and now I won't be happy until I've replaced all the vacuum lines and hoses, rebuilt the engine, and done a few other things to insure it's in good shape to be on the road again. This is how my 1992 3000GT looks now, and you can see more pics in the photobucket album to see how bad it is.

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Not bad. I'm sure it'll look/run better with time. You can make a thread for it once you start working on it.
Doesn't look bad at all! I'm sure once you get the time and monies to get her running, she'll be amazing. For it sitting for five years, it doesn't really look too bad at all. She'll be a fun day lol
Hopefully the Versa will keep me content while I squirrel money away for the 3000GT. I actually had the funding I needed to get the 3000GT back on the road, but decided to put it into the down payment for the Versa because I fell into the wife's request for a 4-door. Having a newish car offering the security of reliability might have had something to do with it as well.
My wife and I should meet our Versa for the first time around 9pm tomorrow. We've got to finish our Friday classes, and then make the 250 mile trip back home; between Martinsville VA & Greensboro NC.
I'll try to get some pictures of it posted sometime Saturday, as long as the weather agrees.
Thanks for all the welcomes everyone!
I'm sure I'll be annoying you with plenty of questions within the next few days to a week. I've already got some, but I'm holding back until I've got in the car.
I'll remember your kindness when the time comes for you to get short with me lol
Just an update:

I've had the car in my physical presence for a week now with no regrets.
I love how it's so small on the outside, but feels as roomy as the Titan on the inside.
The handeling is excellent, but I only got 31mpg on the 250 mile highway ride home. i made really good time and used cruise control, so I'm thinking it can do a little better than that on highway mpg.

There are some things this car needs to suite me better, and I'm planning to research or make post about these topics, so if you have any advice feel free to post here, or on a thread if I make it, or PM me.

Windows need tint, Seat covers that look stock, Molded Floor Liners, Custom smoked tail light & custom headlight options, I forgot the rest, so just check back later.
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