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Hey just trying to get all the members of the to show off their ride and pride and share with us a few details if they like.
So let's see some pictures and a little background information of what you did to the car.

I will go first and btw everything the car has done to it i did it myself.
So it is my work of art i guess you could say, but i am happy of what i did.

I painted the front grill black, got new rims (15") painted the calipers and drums, somewhat of a tint,and HID's

I also blacked out my rear emblems, put a Volcom Stone sticker on the back, custom plate, JDM tail lights (swapped them out for blacked out lights, only reason being is because blacked out or smoked tail lights are getting a little overplayed imo or at least in Az they are).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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