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Side Steps needed!

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Just an update with another versa. I had broken side steps and i badly need it asap. it happened that one of my children's life was at risk just because of those heck side steps. fortunately, it's not his turn to fall down from the car. Thank God for it. Now if anyone here has something to offer, you can send PM to me or place response directly to this thread i've created. Hoping to find one soon. Thanks in advance.
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you're wanting side steps for your versa? I don't see how you should need them. my son is 5 and gets in/out no problem. he also gets in my wife's suv no problem and no side steps.

you could always lower the car, which will make it 1-1 1/2" lower and easier to get in
my 3.5 year old can get in and out of the car, too
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