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Single or double stereo? Cheap Touch screen?

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So im about to switch out my factory radio after i get the needed parts to hold the new one in. One I have now is a single din and works well. I just dont know how well it would look with a 2nd compartment tray.
So I was thinking instead to just sell that one and upgrade to a touch screen. But I dont want to break the bank.
If I can't find anything then im going to just go ahead and get a pioneer avh-2300DVD for $300. But Id like to get one for bout half the price if possible. Anyone have a good cheap one they recommend?
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Jensen vm 9224 goes for around 240 on Its cool because you can upgrade to bluetooth and navigation later on for another $200. (150 for nav, 50 for BT). I've been looking at getting one for myself.
i decided ima go ahead and get the pioneer.

Do I need any brackets or do i just need a wiring harness?
Depending on where you're purchasing it from they might give you brackets if they're needed and even the wiring harness for free. Our cars already have double din stereos in them so I don't think that brackets would be needed since double din is what your'e getting but I could be wrong.
there are plenty of Duel dins out there that look good.

I have a Kenwood DPX 505 and it isnt touch screen but my god is it complicated and looks "classy" i guess would be the word. with the classic chrom nobes I like it though
You can use the factory brackets to install it. where are you buying from?
You can use the factory brackets to install it. where are you buying from?
Im buying it off amazon or a side vendor on there
yes dual dins will fit with the factory brackets
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