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Hey everyone!

Recently I started sleeping in my 2008 Versa Sedan during breaks at work, and I have been wondering about how to make the vehicle more comfortable for what may become a more . . . permanent sleeping location. Opening the trunk of the Sedan, the back panel separating the back of the car from the trunk is easily removed. I discovered that the foam seating in the back is only a few inches thick and may possibly be removed. My idea was to remove the back seat cushion and sleep inside the trunk with my head or legs on the back seats. Sleeping in the trunk is itself a bit too cramped, and the backseat lengthwise is just too short.
Does anyone have advice about sleeping in cars? I purchased the Versa during my more economically productive days, but now I'm in a position where sleeping in the Versa will be necessary. Is it possible to remove the back seat cushions and create an access path into the trunk from the back seat? Or would it be possible to remove the passenger seat and sleep between the glove compartment and back seat?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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