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slight dress up for grill and engine cover.

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I'm sure i'll end up redoing it just because of the imperfections i can see. And planning on painting the letters in the front emblem black as well.

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thats pretty awesome love the red scheme..
do you have red rims as well?
yeah, red with polish lip, which im staring at thinking about making them black as well. also plan on getting the black house headlights keeping stock tails or getting tiida tails. tint windows, and stock rear wing. lower and thats it for exterior

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now you need to lower it! btw, nice 240, is it yours?
yeah, i have 2 240sx both for sale lol. i plan on lowering very soon, just cant decide what set up to do, ive got megan tracks on my s13 and those are beyond overkill for the versa so im thinking just springs maybe struts and shocks while im at it depends on price i guess.
yes aggreeed nice 240!!!
i liek the red rims!
just an idea if u do get black rims or just paint them black
you could take the ground effects on your versa (just the plastic blakc aprt below)
and primer it grey then paint it red? or maybe not the sides that might look weird but i think painting the front and back plastic parts would look goood!
thats a thought, though it will be awhile before i look into kit or lips, the suspension and performance is begging for attention. and i know ive got to be careful not to go into overkill with the red. im thinking of blacking out the sliver on the wheels though. if i can talk her into letting me paint it again lol. thanks everyone for all the kind words.
yeaaa i think you could def paint the silver part black i think that would look pretty good!

you shoudl get lowering springs anddd paint them red that could help pull it together maybe a bit?
without to much overkill that is...
and your like me you need window tint!!
im looking at the "nismo" suspension kit, it has red springs, i think that would be nice, and the price isn't too bad either. tint will happen later or as soon as i can find somebody who will do it for less than 150.
yaaa thats my probelmn with the tint...
i refuse to pay $200 for tint...
even with a warranty thats to much..
and im tempted to do it myself..
but i dont really want to keep redoing it over and over again to..
You should paint the rear emblem/ versa badge as well as the front emblem
didnt even think of that, wonder if i should do the rear emblem black with red letters or stay red with black letters. im taking the versa badge off probobly.
yea i was gonnna say just take the badge off
Ya that sounds good if you did black with red letters. It would look better than red would against the white paint.
im planning on getting the same headlights you have to finish off the front. i wish someone would buy my sr20 s14 so i could get some stuff for the versa.
Ya the black headlights are a big improvement in looks... Also the altezza tail lights look really good on the hatch
Is the engine cover easy to take off?
What sort of paint did you use to paint it?
I might paint the same part of the cover as you did, but I want to paint it pink :)
start a new thread about the zenki! I want to see and know more :).

Also you should have used duplicolor metal cast red on the emblem. This would give it an anodized look instead of painted. It's basically like a candy apple clear coat. Stuff works awesome.
taking the cover off is easy when you open your hood and look at the cover there are two bolts on either side on the top of the cover just get a socket and a ratchet wrench and take it off, if you want to paint it make sure you clean it off really good and get paint that will stick to plastic. i personally havent painted mine but im probably going to paint it white sometime here soon or silver.
yeah it was a krylon that bonds to plastic. i should have used the metal paint for the emblem, oh well never too late, i can redo it easy enough. and 10mm socket takes engine cover right off. but taping off the rest of the cover is a pain if you could see it close up it looks horrible lol. i might redo it all wed. but idk ive got two aquariums that desperately need cleaning. id feel kind of akward starting a thread there for the zenki though.
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