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Hey Y'all,
Have a slow crank getting a little longer the last few days. Battery is new and good 12.87V. Went to Advanced Auto for test: Starter test Results - Low Cranking Amps, Voltage: 11.18V, Amps: 0.0A, Time: 890mS.

The little graph shows a start at the left just below 13V, then drops to 9V and rises to the right finishing just below 12V at the end of the graph.

The note below reads: Starter AMP Draw is low with OK Starter Voltage.

The Charging system Test Result says: No Problems: No Load 14.33V, Loaded 14.32V

Drain Test Results: 0.00A Pass

The guy doing the test said he thinks I may need a new starter, but he just started here, and he's not a mechanic.

Can someone make sense of this for me.

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