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Snowed In... NYC Blizzad 2010 (not this much snow since 96')

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K so I work the evening shift so I get home after midnight... I'm like dang this snows bad... the City is plowing and it's falling harder than they can plow... SO when I get in the house I think... I got home after midnight most of it has fallen already :ihih:

I am mistaken... 12 hours later
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WOWOWOW! Luckily in MD we just got 2 inches... You guys really got hit! Thankfully we're finally seeing pavement after our 36" of snow from a few weeks ago.
36" WOW... We got a foot and change that's half what you guys got
It was insane. My boyfriend and I were cleaning off our cars and we couldn't tell whose car was whose until 20 minutes into digging the cars out. Turned out I had started brushing off a neighbor's car :)
^ haha that's like that audi commercial when the girls switch hats and glasses and dude gets in the wrong car
Damn and you had the rims on too? My car has been in the garage since Tues, gonna wait till this ridiculous snow ends :p
Lots of snow here today ... I have been working since 8am, and am here until 8pm. One more hour to go. I hope it slows down a bit, customers have been saying how bad it is. Guess I'll be getting home much later than expected ... and I have to be back tomorrow morning at 7am :(
^ugh... yeah i had the wheels on... these tires have WAY better traction than the dunlops I had (take offs from a honda fit)... although these grab better... I tried for 2mins to get the car out... failed and took public transportation
Ya I don't know how you guys do it w/ fancy rims and tires in the winter.
I love having winters ... I just give it gas and she goes ... :)
We got a lot more snow. Luckily my dad cleaned the driveway w/ the snowblower before he left for work, so I came home and the driveway was all clean. I'll take some pics tomorrow morning before work (although it will still be dark out :()
So we got lots of snow at the end of last week ...

Saturday February 27 ... Me leaving for work at 6:30 am, took two shots as I pulled out of the garage.

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Your snow is so nice

Here they use de-icer and it turns into nasty stuff

Ps. I was able to get my car out though... Waited till it thawed a lil bit got it out saturday
Don't worry, it only looks nice on day 1. But after that the salters come out and it turns yucky, and makes our cars look white.
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