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Looks good, but they take up your entire trunk :(
I find my trunk so tiny to begin with ...
But they look good. They must be loud !

On a side note. I drove today to Toronto with 3 other people in the car. We went to Dave & Buster's. And my brother and his g/f were in the back and could not hear any sound coming out of the rear speakers. I don't know if I have it set some weird way, but shouldn't the music come out of there? Sounds like a simple question, but who knows, lol. I've always thought that there was minimal sound coming from the rear doors. However, I rarely sit in the back of my car so I never really noticed.
know exacetly what you mean you need to adjust the fade on your stereo to deliever more power to the rear speakers and a little less to the front speakers don't know why but 90% of factory stereos are setup with more sound to the front and barely any to the rear.
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