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So long Versa world

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As of 9/3/2012 I no longer own a versa. It was a great car with more miles than most cars see in a life time. Alas an electrical issue did her in. I was able to at least make a little money off her by selling her to a salvage yard for 600 bucks. I will be around and if anyone ever has a versa question please feel free to message me.
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sad to hear of you scrapping the versa but glad you will be sticking around to help others.
Oh man. That was fast. What was actually wrong with it?
was it the computer?

Well, dang. That is sad to hear.
So glad to hear you will stick around to help others out. *high 5* :D
I dont know what it was but it was starting to cost more then it was worth to find out. I may get another versa some day but who knows.
341k miles eh? Congrats!
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