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so my projectors are messed up!

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so tonight after i got home from the gym i decide hey, why not adjust my projectors again. so as im finishing up and i've driven around my block seeing the adjustment i notice lights flashing..

I get out and check, and to my surprise the 3 smaller lights above the projectors are flashing. no matter how i jiggle the cords or adjust wires they flash. and the funny thing its on the side that constantly has condensation (which goes away every so often)

so now i have to return to my stock lighting, which im not happy about. I love my projectors, looks like im gonna have to order myself a new set :(
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my driver side leds kinda go dim here and here, but they come back on after i drive for a while. i used to have a condensation problem but hasn't happend for me in a while. but this stuff for me just comes and goes
the condensation comes and goes yes, but the dimness is horrid on the passenger side compared to the drivers side. and now seeing that the top 3 lights are flashing, i know it needs to get replaced. it really sucks cause i just spent about 600bucks on rims that are on their way. in which i could have just said screw that and get new lights. but too late now!
make sure the rubber cap on the back of the light iss fully on. if its not then you will lose a lot of light
yah its on. i made sure tonight. i think its just ca-puts now which is super lame!

btw is there a way of taking the headlights out without pulling off the front bumper?
i didnt do the installation of these lights thats why i ask
no you have to remove the bumper to remove the head light assembly. Its easy just pop off the side and the 3 bolts underneath but i would suggest removing the whole thing :p I just got my projectors today and ill remove my bumpers tomorrow and install my lights. I might have to order a LED H1 and H3 i thought my projectors came with HID lol because i though the ballast for the LED halos are the HID ballast lol hahahhahaha
thanks for the heads up, man this sucks...gonna have to spend another $200-300 on lights again.
hmmm i wonder why your three lights on top is blinking unless the parking light got wired for the turn signal light lol... the headlamp is all plug and play check it your self first instead of getting its installed by someone else.
yea when i installed my projectors we tried at first without taking the bumper can plausibly do it but you'd risk damaging the light and/or bumper. so for safety sake and the fact i would have murdered my b/f if there was damage....we took off the bumper. was much easier
dont think they were wired in funny, they have been working flawlessly other than the condensation and the recent dimness of the lights. and looks like im gonna have to take the bumper off lol im not doing it tho gonna have to get someone else to do it! lol
Send me a pm I'll take them off your hands
thats the reason why I dont put projectors on my car, im always concerned about moisture or wire problems that could occur
so another update, as im driving home i notice the lights are blinking at the top again. when i get home i notice now they are completely off lol i have the worst luck :doh:
did you happen to purchase a faulty one? i would probably get them replaced
i've had them for a long while, no warranty anymore. i guess it just went bad after a while
really sucks tho :(
you should look into the JDM nismo xenon lamps for the Tiida.... the wiring will be slightly different from the stock housing, just modify the wiring.... you may have to splice some wires and add an additional connection. other than that, it isn't difficult....
the eagle eye projectors are all plug and play. the moisture is because of the weak rubber seal. it also depends on where you live. i think your projectors came with instructions if it didnt i can type it up and post it here. ^_^ resealing the whole thing is also another way to make sure that there is no leak...
i got rid of em today, back to stock. i think i'll just stick with stock for now and maybe put HIDs in them just cant be bothered to put new projectors in and have them screw up on me again.
i think it could be a power problem. sometimes my driver side leds are fine then when i turn the projectors on they start to flicker a little bit, but after i revup the car a bit and drive they are back to normal
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