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Some advice for replacing pads and rotors on 2010 versa

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I desperately need to replace the pads and rotors on my 2010 hatchback. But don't have enough knowledge to make a good decision between going OEM, big box like Canadian Tire, or something else.

The dealer charges double for the parts compared to what i can get at a big box store (monroe pads, qualis rotors). Labour works out to be roughly the same. Tried researching some other options online but couldn't find any definite recommendations for the versa.

Any advice?

(Would you trust a shop like Canadian Tire for pads and rotors?)
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At Canadian Tire, get their nicer brakes, will last longer. I wouldn't get the cheapest cheapest brakes [or cheapest anything] cuz they just won't last. My two cents.
edit: Though i dont have personal experience, some versa folk have good experience with Hawk pads and rotors
You will get a million replies with people saying "I got brand X pads and brand X rotors and love them". I say get the best parts you can afford and install them yourself. It's really a simple job. I say OEM is the best because I have used tons of aftermarket pads and rotors and none ever lasted me as long as my OEM's have. I'm at 123k miles and they are just now needing to be replaced. And actually my pads are fine it's just my rotors. Now if you pay half the price but last half the miles did you really save any money? I think not since needing to go to the repair shop is quite an inconvenience.
thanks for the info @08versailles and @robj80 .... appreciate it.
Doesn't matter the brand but do use ceramic pads.
thanks @swinford.
why ceramic?
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