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Hey Guys,

I have a few things that I am trying to get rid off.

1: 4 Infinity Reference Speakers

They are 5.25" speakers, I know they aren't the size for our cars, but maybe someone has a different project car or something they may like them for. They work great, had them for less than a year. They were in my Accent, but the Accent is no more.

$150, for all 4. Plus shipping if we are unable to meet up for an exchange.

5.25" Infinity Reference Speakers - Stratford Audio, GPS For Sale - Kijiji Stratford Canada.

2. Kenwood KDC-116S Head Unit

Here is an old head unit that came in the Accent when I got it. It works well, I had a different head unit, that I wanted to use rather than this one.
It all works. However, I do not have the adapter for the deck.

$30, plus whatever to ship again.

Kenwood KDC-116S Head Unit - Stratford Audio, GPS For Sale - Kijiji Stratford Canada.

I will be in the Toronto area on June 13, and can make a weekend trip if needed. Maybe meet half way. Let me know.
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