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somewhat new

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Just Wanted To Greet Everyone.

Here's my V.

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haven't gone too crazy with it, just a stillen full exhaust, front lip, rear lip, stillen rear spoiler, tanabe lowering springs, sportmax 18" rims, window tint, debadged, and recently ordered halos'.

what about you?
I already told you but I'll say it again; I love your Versa (especially the rear spoiler) :D
thanks IluvmyVersa08. and hello!
Nice ride!
very nice!
If you had the Stillen graphics kit on there, you'd almost have the Stillen car in black. Are you going to add the mid-wing under the rear window? I have thought about adding that piece but didn't know how it went on. One way to find out I guess.

The car looks great though. I vote for moar picamatures.
Clean hatch. Auto or manual?
Like it! More pics!
yeah the only stillen part I don't have is the midwing but I'm not too sure it would look good with a rear spoiler so I opted out for that.

I have a 1.8 cvt by the way.


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