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it seems like just a month ago i posted this same message saying sorry i havent been on in a while, well now im posting it again. I dont really know why i havent been on in so long, just school is rapping up, and ive been working more, and getting my truck together (WHICH IS GETTING PAINTED THIS WEEKEND!!!) but anywho new upgrades to vehicles.

Nissan Versa:
*pioneer speakers front and rear
*move amp for subs from underneath driver seat to underneath rear seats
*made new box for subs
*installed new tanabee strut bar
*new rims 17inchers (nice black ones)
*semi new tires toyo's i stole from my work(not really someone decided to get new tires on a 350z and the tires prolly had 50% tread left

Chevrolet Scottsdale
*new front and rear leaf springs
*2 inch body lift
*4in suspension lift
*new shocks
*33inch super swampers with black american racing wheels
*new bed
*new doors
*new rear sliding glass
*new intake manifold and a 650 holley carb
*New dashboard
* ripped out interior carpet and did spray on bedliner on both the truck bed and interior floor
*truck is currently in process of getting primer painted when i get the time.
i have a four day weekend this weekend so im painting it midnight blue its a beautiful color.

ohh and i got a new bike to lol a 2003 kawasaki zx6 =D

oh and i am most likely straight piping my versa because we had a bad storm and it washed out our driveway and i drove my versa through it because i didnt think the water was deep yea it turned out to be like a foot and a half deep, and trashed my catalytic converter sooo ive been wanting new exhaust for a while so ill probably go with obx headers straight piped to obx muffler or something who knows.
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