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South Atlantic (FL, GA, NC, SC, AL, MS, TN, KY)

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If So Im From Fayetteville N.C. Looking For Other Versa Drivers The Ones Here Are Just Me, No One Was Did Anything To The Car But Me!
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i hope there are some im from so cal... if you want you can move down here :p
N.C. anyone

is there anyone from N.C.

im from Fayetteville N.C. anyone close to me?
I have the same issue. No one is close to me here in Oregon. Accept for Blindsnyper (I think) but he lives on the complete other side of the state. lol
You and blindsnyper should get both of your rides and take pics side by side. :cheers2: Kind of like a duo photoshot with the pine trees in the background. That would be cool.
Anyone from NC????

Same here!!! Anyone from NC??? so far its just me and versa S 2007. Theres gotta be more people from NC!!!
cough borderline cough
kentucky is closer than anyone else it seems lol
$50 says I'm the furthest away :p
or am i from you HAHAHA but most diff u too far gone lol i will never get to see u but if top gear ever does something out that way and the price is right ill be going down under
haha, well I expect anyone that's heading this way to say g'day!
i'm in florida...not close...but not as far as others lol
Same here!!! Anyone from NC??? so far its just me and versa S 2007. Theres gotta be more people from NC!!!
welcome to the forums!
Seems like NC has a lot of people be square mile and the state isn't really that big compared to where I live
Regional meets?

me and i think it was versamg were talking about this on fb tonight, whos up for like a regional meet or say a semi national meet i know this sounds kinda farfetched but maybe something we can plan out a year from now or something any input would be appreciated guys.
i'd be in...would give me some time to save money!
just would depend on where its at
ok we got two hooray :) lol
If it's in Buffalo ... sure! But anywhere farther, most likely I wouldn't go ...

Too far of a trek for us Canadians!
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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