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south texas 2011 nissan versa hatch

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never introduced myself.. im joe..
my lil beast has gone through hell and back.. just put this used yakima roof rack on that i recently bought for 100$.
future mods are a custom header, 2" drop, and would like to do the mr20 head swap.
and maybe some hella fog lights..


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Welcome to the forums.
Welcome. Where did you get those wheels from and how do they clear?

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They are called p11 or p22, cant remember. Off of a g20.. the front didnt clear, I have spacers in the front.. I cant remember what size I used.. it was just some I had laying around..
Welcome to the forums. I like the blue and yellow.
Was thinking of adding the special edition 16" sentra wheels on and go a bright orange. But thank you..
Which Sentra 16s?
these wheels.. have them on my wifes sentra..


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Those are nice. They're bigger too so they fit better. Orange would suit the blue very nice.
Ya I agree.. I found one has a really bend.. looks like ill be shopping for one rim before I get set to paint them..
Try local junkyards. You might find one there.
the wheels looks so great.. also wan t to know where did you get it ?
Get what? My current wheels? Infiniti g20 15" wheels
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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