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I'm thinking about getting spacers from Adaptec to change my bolt pattern from 4x100 (new sedan) to 5x114.3 so I can run 17" Infiniti G35 Sedan wheels with low profile tires. There is at least 1.5 inches or more between the sidewalls and the inner fender which by the way, it is already rolled in (back fenders). The only problem is that so far there is absolutely no aftermarket support for the new sedan so the possibilites of any reputable suspension company making a set of springs or coilovers is very unlikely. But I still think it will look good, even without the drop. A lot better than the skinny 15" stock wheels with plastic covers anyway... I think that set up with a mild drop, maybe 1" to 1.5" and flush with the fenders will look really good on the new sedan if they ever make lowering springs for it... What do you guys think?
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G rims are RWD offset. With the spacers i doubt they will fit. Probably stick way way out
With my calculations and after measuring, the offset for the OEM Infiniti wheels is +35 with a 7.0 width. Without a spacer (not possible since I want to change the bolt pattern) I would lose half an inch of clearance on the inside (there is about 3/4" between the tire and the strut) and gain inch and a quarter on the outside which, according to my measurements will still have room between the fender and the sidewall. By adding a 3/4 inch spacer yes, it will stick out but not as much as you say, less than 1/4". I'm not planning on going with the coupe wheels since those are wider than 7"... Sedan wheels came in 17x7 between 2003-2006. Besides, there is a VW Jetta MKIII close to where I live and the guy is running 16x8 front and 16x9 rear Corvette wheel. Right now the wheels look flush with the fenders because he had them pulled, but I saw the car before the fenders were pulled and it did stick out but not a whole lot. I still think it can be done...
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Wouldn't witching from 4 lug to 5 lug require new brakes?
Wouldn't witching from 4 lug to 5 lug require new brakes?
spacers go right over original bolt pattern, in front of brakes

hmm....but its such a huge spacer, would look a lil funky, maybe it will look it and post up haha
Dooooo itt
Good idear. If the size of the spare tire does not match my car, i will consider installing wheel spacers instead of repurchasing wheels.

I had BONOSS wheel spacers 20mm on my nissan 370z. for almost 21,000 miles, with no issues whatsoever.
Maybe you can try what I installed.

They can customize the thickness and data that I want, so that I can install new tires with different data, and the customization time is very fast, just 1~3 days.
They have aluminum alloy 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 options. 7075-T6 will be more expensive but better in quality. In fact, 6065-T6 is good enough. Its tensile strength, yield strength and elongation can support our normal use. And its lugs are grade T10, studs are forged grade 12.9.

If you need it in the future, this is their case article.
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