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Hey Everyone,

I am new here and have a few questions. I tried the search but it did not seem to answer my question.

I am buying a new head unit aswell as speakers for the doors. I have an 09 Versa Hatchback with 4 speakers. I am curious what is needed to complete the install of new speakers. I have read elsewhere you need to splice the wires as there is no harness for this model? Should I get getting cripping tools and such. Also is there a tutorial anywhere for doing this?

Lastly, I hear the Versa can do 6 speakers. Where do the other 2 go haha? In the future how difficult is it to wire to the speakers should I choose to add in more.

Thanks hope you can help.
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You can either screw the new speakers directly to the door or you can buy speaker adapters which will mount the speaker in the factory location without drilling any new holes.

As far as connecting new speakers, you can buy a wiring kit for the speakers themselves from any audio place. They will plug into the OEM speaker wire plug and then you either crimp or solder (best way) the leads to the speaker. It is very simple. Or you can simply cut off the oem speaker plug and solder it to the new speakers.
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