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Spec-V Wheels

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So all this talk about the Spec-V Wheels got me amped to get some.
So I looked on craigslist for some and I was lucky enough to find 4 with tires for $300, and I eventually talked the guy down to $250!! Yup!!
Purchased them today @4pm and had them on the car by 6pm.
-Had to get 1/4" spacers from Pepboys because they didn't clear the brake calipers.
Check it out:

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Looking Good!
Thanks! Now i have to lower it again.
Looks great. Super deal too! Props to you for that find
Looks good. Do you have coilovers?
Thanks for the positive feedback guys!
No I don't have coilovers. Its on a 1.5" drop with springs.
Oh ok. You said you have to lower it again so I thought you had coilovers. I think I'm going to go with the megan springs... 2" front & 1.75" rear.
Thats about the height Im shooting for. Which springs do you have?
I have some cheap springs that I bought off ebay. Some generic brand. Got em for $75 so I can't complain.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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