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Speedometer Issue When Buying Rims:

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A parts owner reminded me that if someone changes the wheel size on a car, the speedometer will read wrong. Say that our 15' steelies w/ tire have a high profile. What size rim and tire combo with a low profile compensates for the difference. What is the tire height difference between a high profile tire opposed to a low profile tire. My guess would be a two inch difference but I am not sure. If two inches is the difference, then one has to buy a 17" rim to compensate for the actual tire height of a high profile tire. Am I right or is there a better size rim to keep the speedometer reading accurately? I had an eye on a pair of used spec 5 rims but they were sold. Here is a list of wheels that Nissan puts on their cars.

I cross reference the 4 spoke pattern to year of vehicle and try to find alloy wheels to fit my V. Not so lucky right now but, in the meantime , I bought a pair of used General Altimax tires. Am hoping to find a wheel/ tire combo to replace the steelies. Any help would be appreciated.:woot:
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to keep speedo accurate

use a tire size calculator, like this. Many available.:D
You should be fine with 17s. I went from 185-65-14 to 205-60-15. The tire is actually not as tall but the wheel is bigger so I guess it evens out.
for 17's 215/45's are as close as it gets with out being dead on
for 17's 215/45's are as close as it gets with out being dead on
Thats what I have and my speedometer still reads the same as my GPS.
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