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Spoiler negatively affecting mpg?

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We have an S trim level Versa without the spoiler.

I'm very practical so the Versa was an easy purchase.
My wife likes the look of the spoiler and wants to get
one for the Versa.

My guess is that it'll create drag and reduce our mpg.
Of course it may help handling and appearence,
but at what cost?

Anybody with experience with and without the spoiler
or simply have an opinion on the issue?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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I doubt the stock spoiler will create enough drag that it will reduce your gas milage.
I worked at a shop here in colorado called Checkpoint Racing and we built auto course cars and hill/rallye cars. unless your cars center of gravity is centemeters off the ground and your going very fast or a rallye car. Your stock spoiler is gonna be just for looks.
with no tests done myself I can't say for sure. But I am doubting you notice any affects of the spoiler on. I don't think it will help handling, or increase or decrease your MPG.
The spoiler is only for looks but if used effectibly can create downforce which betters your handling and even your mpg because you'll be getting less wind resistance, therefore smoother ride and flow.
IMO real-life drawbacks and benefits would be negligible. The benefits would become noticable at racing speeds though:DSpoiler going on a hatch or sedan V? Lotsa good looking spoilers on this forum, hope yours will be one of them!
the spoiler is just for looks.

about MPG.................

Well, in my own "Personal Opinion and what I believe without anything to backitup..............
it might lower your MPG if you go 80MPH or faster but only by a fraction of what its.

The spoiler looks better with SL wheels installed
The spoiler looks better with SL wheels installed
The spoiler still looks good without SL wheels :thumb2:
Handling? Performance? On a Versa? How fast you plan on going at the racetrack and what kind of lap times you making? Hopefully the spoiler can shave some time in the corners!
Yeah like most of the guys here I'm pretty sure the spoiler on the versa is mostly for looks, it is possible it would affect drag, but I'm not too sure and it would probabally be fairly negligible
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