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spotted at the columbus, ohio gay pride!

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i was dying laughing when this went by!

we have area artists/crazy people who like to make "art cars"...they stick things all over their cars (dolls, stickers, etc). apparently, they felt the need to do this treatment to this poor!
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Some peoples taste leaves alot to be desired.

On a side note those of us from around central ohio should get together
I go to cars and coffee almost every Saturday.

Cup of joes @ lennox
Columbus Cars and Coffee - Home

There's a video on the page and you can see my car for a split second :)
lol poor Versa!
Were there any hot lesbians at this fest? :chuckle:
there were some pretty hot people there :D

i would've hung out for beers after the parade, but my kids were cranky :(

fyi: it's LEGAL for girls to go topless in columbus ;)

...and we have a HUGE community music festival coming up this weekend and it's customary for a huge percentage of girls to be topless...hahaha

so now do you want to visit me in columbus, henry??
lol oh wow.. thats all i have to say >.o
hot lesbians...legally topless. I'm IN!!! :cheers2:

j/k!! :biggrinjester:
hot lesbians...legally topless. I'm IN!!! :cheers2:

j/k!! :biggrinjester:
If only I can get a piece of action from the hotties! :smilielol5:
here's a view from the other side...looks like they aren't done with it!

and the interior

here's their flickr page for the car...they have other art cars, too

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