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Spotted Other Versas Thread

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Saw a thread like this on, thought it was a good idea.

Today I parked next to an S model, blue hatchback.

And in the past, I spotted another Versa behind me at Canadian Tire.

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um i think ill do that next time i see one
in the sleet

I pulled up in front of the totally decked out 'V' on Wednesday, while sleeting.:hurray:
Looks exactly like my V, but in white! They even have an eyebrow too!
A miniature version of my V pulled up behind me. It was an S model with tint, and a hood deflector, in the exact same colour!

He was peeking at my V!

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I liked that Dodge charger in front of your car.
:patriot:American muscle:patriot:
haha ;) American muscle in Ontario! ;)

It didn't look that great up close; it was falling apart. I think they may be in the process of fixing it, it looked all sanded and primed, waiting for paint!
I'm BIG fan of american cars. I would like to have a lot of then in my garage.

Challenger, charger, camaro ss, malibu ss, Cuda, Vette Sting Ray, Mustang hard top and fast back, i love this cars.
Parked beside my co-worker today when I stopped by work ...

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i need my windows tinted... if that were my car you could see straight through..
Yes, tinted windows were a must for me.

Had too many problems w/ my previous car when I didn't have tinted windows. From that day forward, each and everyone of my cars has to have the windows tinted. I don't need to be followed or harassed on the road; so I prefer if people cannot see me for safety reasons!
Feb 2, 2010

Stopped by Wal-Mart after work ... yes it is miserable over here, cold weather and wet snow was coming down. Parked beside an SL Versa Sedan. Snapped a few pics :D

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I always forget to have my camera on me and my phone camera don't work no more :(

Also still to this day have not seen another Tiida that has even been remotely modded...they're all bog stock as!
Lol ... Ya this one had nothing on it besides a steering wheel cover :) No tint or anything. Not that my car has a lot of mods, but it has some love put into it.
Superskunk: Awesome pics !!!!

I need to find an actual Versa buddy to take pics with ... (When my car is clean of course).
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