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Spotted Other Versas Thread

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Saw a thread like this on, thought it was a good idea.

Today I parked next to an S model, blue hatchback.

And in the past, I spotted another Versa behind me at Canadian Tire.

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Saw a middle aged lady in a black versa the other day. When I passed, she gave me the metal horns :)
@ILMV: just curious, in Canada, is there any law about hanging stuff on/ from mirror?
I know here in Va. people have been given citations for obstructing view.
Ok. Yeah, I have heard of it happening to several people around here. Pretty much nothing from rear view. They have been busted for anything from little pine tree air fresheners to school tassels and more.
Saw a black sedan tonight as we were leaving Lazy Dayz (local hookah lounge) I wanted to go back inside and ask who it belonged to but friends were eager to leave.
Makes sense to me. The admin on NVF do a great job.
1 - 5 of 260 Posts
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