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Spotted Other Versas Thread

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Saw a thread like this on, thought it was a good idea.

Today I parked next to an S model, blue hatchback.

And in the past, I spotted another Versa behind me at Canadian Tire.

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You sure are talented, driving and taking pics at the same time lol.
Couldn't have done this safely without my VersaDashCam:D
Took this driving over Burlington Skyway on way home from work today.
Ironically, it's more challenging to fiddle with radio than click the VersaDashCam:question:
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At the Ancaster Meadowlands McDs. Sedans very rare, 90% hatches at dealerships around here.

Was drive-by pic. Accidental backlighting helped poor exposure!:D
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Hard to see, but there is a one-of-a-kind mural or something on this local Versa. If this is you, post up and welcome! 08v:D
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Leaving the hospital, found this Versa nearby:
Looks like Mac eh? I had to put my van between those concrete pillars once. Scary! But no prob w V:D
Well versa's aren't as rare as let's say mitsubishi mirage's so it isn't as fun as to parking with other mirages haha but still random mirage old dude driving
Thought I saw one the other day, but then I realized I'm in Canada so it must've been just a mirage:spiral:nyuk nyuk wah wah
But seriously, how much GM is in a 99 Saab? Is this a good thing? I don't know much about Saabs, nor Mirages:question:
Centennial at Queenston, Hamilton ON. Ahhh nice weather this weekend. Sunny and 10degC!
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Finally caught one standing still:D
local, and yes we are parked on a slope!:D
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co-workers adoring my V:woot:Three more at work, all hatches.
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free pub for awesome shuttle car at Waterdown Collision
had to throw this in cuz ya don't see a Subie SVX every day:DWaterdown again
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Mohawk Rd near Linc. Rare colour!
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08v... thats pretty much right across from my grandmothers!
i was in that area cuz my grandmother just moved into Idlewyld Manor. Kind of an interesting name for a long term care facility eh?
at Future Shop across from University of Guelph. has smiley face on antenna:)
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Yes it is. I work across the street :)
I figured that's where you worked when i saw ehr in another pic. The last time I was in that part of Hamilton, the old Centre Mall was about to close, and the new one mostly open I think. No Versas around then:(Last time I was in ehr was early 90s lol
At Indigo/Starbucks Hamilton
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I go there quite often too!
And that Magnetic Grey Versa passes by me on Stonechurch Rd all the time. It must live around here!
i saw three MG with tint, but just that one with rims and window vent thingies. Nice to see more modded. Gotta do tint, especially before the snow glare arrives! just around the corner...
these two at WalMart Kingston ON
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My V beside a co-worker
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SL manual Twin!

separated at birth:)
$8500 safetied, e-tested, 30 day bumper to bumper warranty. Also black and red, both cvts i believe
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Haldimand Motors. You're right, it doesn't have a plate mount, and the red one does!
I went to post link for the details, but their server is down for maintenance. I think it's an 08 with 105000km
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