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Spotted Other Versas Thread

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Saw a thread like this on, thought it was a good idea.

Today I parked next to an S model, blue hatchback.

And in the past, I spotted another Versa behind me at Canadian Tire.

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ya i parked next to this wack fool that thought he had a "cool" hatchback.. pfff.... watever still took pix next to him. hahaha jp
lmfao nice one...
lol, I try to do that here in NC whenever I get a chance. Theres not too many just yet. Theres still a good handful in winston salem, greensboro, kernersville.
I forgot to post these pics on this section before. My co-workers 09 S with my 08 SL. Took them this past summer at work.

I can't wait for summer ... look how bright it was that day ...
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looks just like mine :) i dont have a pic for my most recent sighting but i was driving to burger king on my lunch break and i was followed by a blue versa that was identical to mine :) it was EPIC. lol
wasn't parked but he was behind me for a good 10 minutes
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and why do all my pics show up on here so small?
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wasn't parked but he was behind me for a good 10 minutes
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and why do all my pics show up on here so small?
hahaha! dangerous! and I thought texting while driving was bad >.<
A driver at my work, and my friend Molly's '08 S (it has 150k on it already!!!)

The Hubby's at work, his friend/coworker Joey's Jeep is behind it.

And the Hubby in front of me one day at work, i was headed into work

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150K on an 08 S. Holy smokes? Where does she drive to everyday?
150K on an 08 S. Holy smokes? Where does she drive to everyday?
lol I have no clue, its not all delivery i know that, prolly half of it is delivery. Dunno where else she drove. She told me the other day it had that many, cuz we were banner shaking and i mentioned ours having 43k. Her's will definitely die before its paid off. >.<
Wow ... that's a LOT of kms.
Mine's at 31K (2 years).
My brother's SE-R is raking up the miles. It's 6 months old with 13K on it already.
Mine should last at least another 10 years at the rate I'm going ... At least I hope she lasts that long.
LOL! I'm lucky, both my jobs are close :)
However I'm hoping to get a job in Toronto this summer for a couple weeks. But they pay for mileage :D So that's okay!
down here its miles, not kms, so 150k here is like 330kms there
well my job is 10 miles away but my boyfriend lives about 30 and i go there often and my mom lives 2 hours away and i go to orlando a lot
Nic: Oh that's why you put a lot on. And yours is miles :eek:
I'm glad I don't have to rack up the miles, keeps the car young :) But once I get hired as a supply, I'll be travelling a lot.
This should be stickied! It was hard to find.

Every day I see this one, it works with me! The Saturn and Versa

And another Versa

I have more, but they're on my cam, in my car lol. Took pictures of my new Tires and left it in there. So later when I get it out
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My baby at the Nissan dealership...

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i pulled up to fashion bug for my kid and 2 other vs were parked in the lot. one had added wheelcovers that were quite nice looking. the other was tinted and equipped w/ techno gadgets inside. a gal who owned one of the vs came up and gave a little smile like acknowledging my v. .....or maybe she was looking @ me..........i dont think so lol. i missed another great chance. next time i see an attractive gal walking to her v with a smile, im gonna get out of my car and say hi.
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