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Spotted Other Versas Thread

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Saw a thread like this on, thought it was a good idea.

Today I parked next to an S model, blue hatchback.

And in the past, I spotted another Versa behind me at Canadian Tire.

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Well after putting almost 300km on the odometer today, I spotted quite a few Versa's; most of which were sedans.

As we crossed over the border into Canada, I saw a navy blue 2010 S model sedan pulled over for inspection with Virginia plates on it!
I saw a white 2010 S hatch on the QEW Niagara yesterday. Two females in the car, both were staring at my Versa :)
I just spotted a Blueberry SL Sedan with dark tint around the corner from me. The house it was parked at had Portugal flags on the other vehicles :)
There is a Versa parked around the corner from my house. I saw it when I came home from work.

It is an SL white hatch. Weird thing is it has a sunroof, rear sport bumpers, but the front bumpers are regular SL bumpers with fog lights ? That's the first time I've seen that.

Could it be an 07? Maybe they didn't make front and rear matching sport bumpers? Unless they were in an accident or something and only replaced the front bumper with regular SL bumpers ??? I'm puzzled ... :confused:
Cali Versa's

There are lots of Versa's here in Cali ... Only problem is I'm driving so it's hard to snap pictures.

At the light going to Downtown Disney ...

Rental Versa in the hotel parking lot ...

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Kinda pointless if there are no pics to be legit. A true spotted thread is if ya see each other, not other random Versas :facepalm:
Well read Henry's first post on this thread!
It doesn't say you have to post pictures, and it doesn't say you have to only snap pics of other Versa's that you know !!!!
Lol but what if you're making it up?
Well then that's up to that individual. That's why I try to get pictures, but when I'm driving in a foreign place, and have no idea where I am going, and driving in an unfamiliar car, I can't be worrying about taking pictures.
A couple of Versa's spotted while Dad was driving this evening:

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I saw this Black Versa on our last day. We stopped at In N Out once more before leaving. They had a HK decal, HK license plate frame, HK rearview mirror, HK steering wheel cover, HK seatbelt pads, and HK mats.

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look at ilmv creepin on versas across canada lol
Across Canada? LOL!

Those pics were of California Versa's! :lol:
I actually spotted a twin of yours this week when I was driving to work. He was even just sporting the steelies :)
Very cool Tammy!
So your liking your Versa ? :D

Hopefully you can come to the next meet then!
Your never too old! Do whatever makes you happy :)
Are you going to show your car, or just come see the show? Either way, be sure to stop by and say hi! Hopefully a couple other Versa's will be joining me at the show!
Spotted a silver SL hatch fully loaded with tinted windows. We were right beside each other at the light :) His car was FILTHY!
Very nice pic Tammy. Was that an Ontario car? They don't have a front plate.
Spotted this Versa as we drove to the beach today

I also spotted a modified grey hatch on the way home but didn't have my camera out. They had their plate mounted to the left side, black steelies or black rims (kind of hard to tell), window visors, blacked out grill/emblem, and an exhaust.
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Went out to dinner, spotted a black hatch with tinted windows:

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@ILMV: just curious, in Canada, is there any law about hanging stuff on/ from mirror?
I know here in Va. people have been given citations for obstructing view.
As far as I know, there are no laws here regarding that. Nothing that I put up there obstructs my view.
We can put a GPS on the dash too, no law regarding that. You just can't be fiddling around with it while driving, or holding a cell-phone. We have the hands-free law now.
Brothers from another mother?
Cute. You guys have a lot of Cubes down south. I very rarely see them.
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