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Spotted Other Versas Thread

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Saw a thread like this on, thought it was a good idea.

Today I parked next to an S model, blue hatchback.

And in the past, I spotted another Versa behind me at Canadian Tire.

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Early morning at work ...

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At Indigo/Starbucks Hamilton
I go there quite often too!
And that Magnetic Grey Versa passes by me on Stonechurch Rd all the time. It must live around here!
i saw three MG with tint, but just that one with rims and window vent thingies. Nice to see more modded. Gotta do tint, especially before the snow glare arrives! just around the corner...
Yes I've seen this one around with rims.

Yes do the tint on your V. It will look awesome!

Brother just had SE-R tinted. I need to drive to Ottawa to see it!
08V ... That same Versa was there today again. I wonder if they live across the street where all the limos are parked?

I was at indigo then milestones for dinner and it was parked in front of "Tag".

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Some of you MIGHT recognize this one (just kidding Ashley)

Nice to meet you today!
Nice picture!!!!!!

Cars look squeaky clean ... the rain rinsed off most of her mud :D
Nice pic!!! :coolpics:

I like the bike rack
Thanks. I still have to buy the bicycle attachment. Right now I just have the base racks (bars) on there.
The blue Versa with the roof racks is Jay's car, meow_mix.
I was thinking about that but I wasnt sure. I always thought he lived in the states.
No he lives in Ontario. He's been to a few of our meets, snaps some good pics too ...

Here's Kit & his Versa from our meet last August (2011).

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61 - 69 of 260 Posts
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