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Springfest 2012

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well guys as promised here are some pics from the show sorry I don't have more but you can imagine the rest civcs a few 240s some rx-7's jettas I just took some of the nicer cars and mine of course lol. enjoy.


heres 3 that someone at the show took

for more pics go to there facebook page
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Nice cars. Yours looks good too, I see you have a tow hook now. :D
Car looks great :)
Nice cars. Yours looks good too, I see you have a tow hook now. :D
thanks :) and yes I finally decided to run the factory tow hook after painting it and letting it sit for months lol I also painted the rear tow hook to match.
Very nice. Sad I missed it, but would have mad with all the hondas
Wow I got to find one of these on the west coast
found some more pics from yours truly, VAdriven. hahaha
I LOVE these lexus's. one day I hope to own one and pretty everything this one has that you can see in the picture lol. (2jz, stanced, and CLEAN)

If i find more pics I like I shall post!
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We do not talk about v.a. d riv en. on NVF. :)
yes we dont mention them here mostly cause they arnt worth it lol but the show was great even if they were there.
Car looks good. Sorry for being no show...but no exhaust and muffler...means no driving! lol.
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