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Springs Opinion

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Im looking to put springs in soon and i know lots of people on this forum have tanabe springs.
but what else are good?
i found megan racing springs?

just looking for some opinions and reviews of springs and such.
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Do you think you'd be able to get me that rate as well?
Sorry man, it was a one time thing. I already got them.
I have H&R Springs in my VERSA and are very good. Its very good to drive fast!
But if roads are not very good it will be unconfortable.
i got my springs but somehow my parents saw the box..and wont let me put it on cause they said it voids warranty. FML
That sucks bud, I asked my parents when I first got my v and I wanted a custom exhaust system installed and they said as long as I'm gonna keep it and not trade it in I could do whatever, and well... you should see my v now loll
alright well now my dad is cool with it, just gotta wait he said till we get my uncle to do it, i was so pissed though when they said no at first
I would be too, specially since my v was sitting really high when I got my first set of rims and it bugged the hell outta me that it wasn't lowered, hopefully you'll get yours lowered soon!
anybody know what kind of springs will fit the sedan? because the teins look like they only fit the hb
I got tanabes on mine I have a sedan
anybody know what kind of springs will fit the sedan? because the teins look like they only fit the hb
off the top of my head.. megans, tanabe, teins, eibach, theres a few more i cant think of.

and bboy its killing me looking at my v haha its like a monster truck on 17s
thanks guys from what i hear tanabes are the best and they are not that bad on versaspeed now just gotta save up money lol
OKay after waiting forever, tmrw im finally getting my springs on! ill put before and after pics on after soccer practice.
I run the tein S, they are unbelievably smooth, its still really stiff in turns and when needed. Its not like the strict lowering springs their is actually some performance in those green things!
Has anyone tried the Megan or M2 springs? They are more than half the cost of the other springs, so I'm thinking that you probably get what you pay for.
actually have heard the megans are pretty good, they have the biggest drop. But the M2 springs i have no idea. Im finally getting my megans put on within the next two weeks, gotta fit it in with work and college. Ill let you know how they are.
lol finally getting those springs on eh cody? i knew as soon as i saw your thread pop up again that this time you'd either have em on or soon to be lol but i'd have driven myself crazy if i've had my springs sitting around for so long and not have them installed on my car >.o

def. post up pics, take some before and after shots!
Yeah lmao dude its finally around that time, Looking at shops tmrw and getting paid on friday. Ive stared at them for too long. They'll be on in the next two weeks and ill def have pics!
eyy cody!

whatever happened to installing your megan springs? I just saw that they're on sale for $150 and was thinking of buying them..but I wanna hear some opinions of how they are on a versa first!
I had them on my old Sentra and they were good to me and the car.
I have Megan racing springs and it ride pretty well no troubles with it and i drove my car this winter with those springs and nothing to say if wanna have an idea of what it looks on the car you can see my pictures in my album
also on megan's no problems but in you are into low i would save for coilovers im hoping to get some soon myself...view my album if you want to see drop will put front bumper about 5.5 inch from grount to lowest part of bumper.
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