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Springs worn out?

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I installed the H&R sport springs about a month agao and today I noticed something, the coils are touching!

Not good. I bought them used, but they shouldn't be this worn out already.. It's not like he put 100k on them before selling to me. I'm confused.
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Are those your factory struts? Whats the mileage on them? As far as I know springs don't wear out that easy.
blown struts would cause an overly bouncy ride, but they really don't do much as far as actually holding yup the vehicle. Thats all in the springs. I'm gonna call H&R and ask them what they think. I'm also gopnna try removing the sub box and spare tire and see if its just excess weight in the back thats causing the problem.
I have Tein springs and two of my coils touch. Looks about 4 of yours coils are touching. You should be fine. Get better pictures.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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