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Spyder Clear OEM Fog Lights

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I got the Spyder OEM style fog lights from CarID, and I was just wondering if there's a bracket that holds the actual fog lights, or how it is mounted? The kit came with the covers to replace the inserts in the bumper, but there's no way of actually mounting the lights included in the kit. So, am I going to need to find the mounting brackets for the lights, or should they be on my car already?

I haven't had a chance to get under my car to look yet, since there's snow on the ground, and I don't have a garage or anything to work in.
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the stock fog lights have a threaded hole in the back so you can screw into them from the inside of the bumper.
My car didn't come with factory fog lights, so I doubt there's anything there on mine. I'll just have to look under my car sometime and find out.
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