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Starting and engine shutdown issues

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My car went to the dealer after 5 days, why?

Because while I was driving the streets of AZ at posted limit of 45mph, the engine would shut down and I would have to pull over into a neighborhood. OR, sometimes, I would try to turn it over and it would sound like its out of gas. OR, not even crack at all. Till finally, this weekend, it would start. This is the second time now. The first time, a dealer in AZ ended up replacing a computer and reprogramming BOTH of my keys. This last time, I called today to check in and they said that they are surprised I made the trip up here and that my car is having "communication errors"! :grouphug:

What!?! :sifone:

Well three computers in my car are having some kind of argument and they are looking to find out where the loose wire is. Wow! So in a month, my car has been at the dealer for more than half of the time I have had it. :53:

Come on little car, just work it out!
Has anyone else had/heard of this issue? :yikes:
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never heard of that problem.... did they give you a free rental?
Oh yes, I have a rental. So I have driven a Titan, a Versa sedan and now a Cube! Still like my HB!
Good luck! I bought my 2012 sedan Oct 6 and it has been in the shop 3 times. It is there now and is on day 12 for this time.
Good luck! I bought my 2012 sedan Oct 6 and it has been in the shop 3 times. It is there now and is on day 12 for this time.
No way!! What type of issues?
She's Back!

So I picked up my car last night and she was able to become for Thanksgiving! They told me they ended up replacing one of the computers. I will post later this afternoon on the correct wording of this such thing (paperwork is in the glovebox) Cause its cold outside!:thumb2:

Anyway, but the mechanic says that he had to be on the line with a NISSAN pro so that they could keep track of every single thing he did so that if or when this happens again or to any other person, they will know what to do and how to do it. So that tok 3 days! Whoa!!!

But it's back, clean and I had to reset all of my dang radio stations! :45:
So here is what was on my receipt......

Cust states engine won't crank
Controller Unit
Freight (hahaha)

Confirmed cust concern, would not start. Found codes C1735, C1705 and V1000, no communication. Completed connector checks per ASSIST, replaced IDPM. Cleared fault and rechecked good.

So now this dealer says it had nothing to do with the ignition and keys that were reprogrammed and replaced first. The first dealer couldn't pull up any codes, not it had pulled three and he was glad I didn't get stuck in a mountain pass or something.

So there it is! Done! I hope!
Good luck! I bought my 2012 sedan Oct 6 and it has been in the shop 3 times. It is there now and is on day 12 for this time.
Look into your states lemon laws. You might be (or soon be) eligible to benefit from them.
Look into your states lemon laws. You might be (or soon be) eligible to benefit from them.
I hope they check,I did. One more shot for the same issue and its a new car for me!! Wait?! It's already new, but there goes my tire warranty I purchased at Discount and tint far.
Ok, just got my car back.....again!! Yes, I brought it in again for not starting this is the THIRD time now, one more and HELLO NEW VERSA...maybe, who knows. I can't believe this thing!? Well the issue I am unsure of it, I bought it in AZ and live in WA, sooooooo.....does it have to go back to AZ or can it be brought back to a dealer in WA. Guess I have to talk to a lemon lawyer.
Oh, I forgot to add. The unit they put in on the last visit...FRIED! Nice!
You can bring it to any Nissan dealer. Good luck! Be sure to get receipts and keep track of how long it is in the shop if you do pursue a lemon law.
This has to be very frustrating for you, especially since it involves the car stalling or not starting, which becomes a real safety issue.

In response to one of your original questions, I haven't heard of this issue on a Versa in the five years of being on Versa forums.

My Father-in-Law had a Buick that had the same issues, and it turned out the wiring harness needing replacing. The car is still going strong 15 years later. I am not trying to diagnose your problem, only to say that there is obviously a serious electrical problem that could potentially be fixed.

At this point, you should be dealing with the service manager or someone even higher up in the dealership organization. I wouldn't even be talking to a service advisor. I had two relatively minor problems with my Versa that required multiple trips to the dealership. In each instance, I finally made some notes and called and asked to speak with the Service Manager. In a calm and articulate manner I stated the problem and what I expected. Each time the problem finally got fixed right away. This approach only works if you are dealing with someone who gives a sh*&. You may not have that luxury.

I have had a car that was replaced under the lemon law, but it was 22 years ago. It is a long story, and if this thread evolves in that direction, I may take the time to relay my experiences.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.
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