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Starting Problem!!!!

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I have a 09' Versa Hatchback. I installed OBX aftermarket headers, and the car was driving around fine for a couple of days. Then all of a sudden I went to start the car one day and nothing happened. I had the starter checked out and it was fine, so was the current leading to the starter. The ignition switch fuse looks fine. I don't know what else it could be. But I know it has something to do with the header I installed.

Is there anyone that knows what it could be or where I could start to even look for the solution.
If you have had this problem before, please help me!!!!
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I know some ultra low emissions cars are different, but generally the first 10 seconds or so of a cold start the ECU is not using the O2 sensor because it has to warm up. The ECU just makes a best guess based on the air input as to how much fuel to use. So, short of a catastrophic failure, the car should be able to start with any header. I've seen cars start with exhaust just dangling, not even bolted on. They die quick, but it will start. Im not keen to the specifics of the versa, but like i said most cars work in this fashion.

What are the symptoms? Does the engine turn over, does it try to turn over but just cant, or does it refuse to even try? You didnt mention so i will ask, did you have another car try to jump you? I have a 2009 and around March of this year the battery just up and died one morning. Was running fine the day before. I tried letting it charge for a while, but that made no help. The only way it would start was if another car/battery was also attached. So replaced the original battery and started right up.
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I had the starter checked out and it was fine, so was the current leading to the starter.
Do you by chance mean you checked the voltage, like it said around 12 volts? Measuring the voltage would be alot more practical then measuring current (amps). However on that same token, turning over an engine takes a massive amount of amps. The battery could have the correct voltage when not under load, but when you go to crank over engine if the battery doesnt have amps in reserve it wont happen.
It was actually the 02 sensor fuse.
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