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Stealth sub boxes. Who's interested

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Who's interested in a stealth sub box for the Versa? My V didn't come with the RF stereo system, and I for one would love to have a stealth box, so I had an idea this morning.. Why not make them myself? I have a decent amount of experience making boxes and I came up with a few ideas this morning for boxes built specifically for the Versa. I have a sedan of course, so the ideas all pertain to sedans, but if I got my hands on a Hatch, I could make something for that too.

Here's what I'm thinking: If there are enough people who have interest in this, I'll go ahead and do a little more research into cost and materials. After I figure out the cost I'll see who wants one and start building. The three designs I have are a wedge which would sit in the back of the trunk and not take up much space, a fiberglass box that would go in the wheel arch, which I believe is where the RF sub goes, and another fiberglass box in the spare tire well.

Here are the designs I came up with at work this morning:

The wedge would be simplest, and the cheapest. All MDF with rounded inside edges.
The wheel arch would be close behind and be easiest to ship since it will be small and all fiberglass
The spare tire well would obviously be HUGE and hard to ship, but if somebody really wanted one, I could do it. It would be the most expensive as well since it's a ton of fiberglass.

My goal is to make quality, affordable, and strong boxes that fit our cars. A lot of stealth boxes online go for 300+ and my goal is to do it for less than half that price. Nobody makes them for our car. So who's interested?

NOTE: drawings are not to scale so don't rag on them for looking off. I know they are. I did them at 5:30 AM at work.
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After doing a bit of research and price checking, I'm figuring I can do the wedge style box and the wheel arch box for about $130 each, plus shipping charges. I'm probably not gonna bother with a wheel well box because it's unrealistic to ship something that big. The wedge box will also be big, but they are cheaper to build so I think it will work out. Loaded wheel arch boxes are going for $600 for other cars so this would be a steal for anyone wanting to add some Bass to their car.

The benefit of having them custom made is that It can be built to match ANY sub, within reason. Obviously, 15's wouldn't work. 8's, 10's, and maybe 12's, but that's pushing it away from stealth territory. A single wheel arch box could fit an 8 or a 10. You can do one of these on either side. the wedge could fit 2 8's, 2 10's, or a single 12. If you put 2 12's, the box would need to be too big and you'd lose too much trunk space. The whole goal of this is to SAVE THAT SPACE!

I can also do Amp racks either out in the open or make something to mount down in the spare tire well for some super stealthyness On the wedge box you might be able to mount the box between the subs.

Any thoughts?
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I doubt my local dealership would let me borrow a hatch for the day unfortunately. If someone lives in my area and wants to bring their hatch up I could make something, but that's doubtful. I could still make you a box, but it wouldn't be a stealth box.
I will be making a box in a couple weeks for my own sub. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to build the wheel arch box or the wedge box. After I'm finished, I'll post up pics for you guys to check out. What would you guys rather see? Wedge or wheel arch?
Jl's are nice. My first setup in the v was a wedge with a hinge so that you could lift up the floor and get to the spare tire, but I decided to go ported instead of sealed shortly afterwards and I sunk the box into the floor which is still my current setup. I want to go to a stealth enclosure now though, cause the ported box takes up so much trunk space.. plus I don't want to ever leave anything in there in case it hits the sub or amp and breaks one of them.
Yeah, there are a lot of times where I wish I had the hatch. There is a new member who lives in my state so maybe they have a hatch that I can use to make a mold with.
i've always thought about it, but never got around to making one. Other projects have seemed much more important to me. I still have my ported setup, with the box in the spare tire well, although there's no tire in there :) Also, I removed all the stock insulation and the floor because I'm using ratchet straps to keep the box from moving around in the trunk.

One day I'd like to build a stealth box and get the factory look back, but for now I'll just enjoy my big ported box taking up the whole space :)
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