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Steering wheel control buttons.

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Hi Everyone. I’m new on here and I could use some help please. I have 2011 Nissan Versa. I was trying to replace my clock spring I guess that’s what’s called behind the wheel. I had a really difficult time getting the yellow airbag plug and the grey one next to it off. I was trying to pull the grey one out with a screw driver and by accident I cut off three wires that were to the grey plug. The wires came out with the metal prong inside. Does anyone have a picture diagram they can help me out please so I can put back in if possible I don’t want to blow anything?
a picture would help me out a lot. Thank you. Also do you know if that harness could be bought? I try to look it up online shows me everything but what I need.
Thank you everyone for your help.
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Here's a link to the Nissan Factory Service Manuals (FSM):

Nissan Service Manuals - NICOclub

The 2011 Versa FSM is towards the bottom of the list and may have a wiring schematic for the steering wheel listed. You should have researched and read the FSM before attempting to take the plugs off, as you may need to go to the dealer to replace that harness.
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