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Steering wheel control buttons.

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Hi Everyone. I’m new on here and I could use some help please. I have 2011 Nissan Versa. I was trying to replace my clock spring I guess that’s what’s called behind the wheel. I had a really difficult time getting the yellow airbag plug and the grey one next to it off. I was trying to pull the grey one out with a screw driver and by accident I cut off three wires that were to the grey plug. The wires came out with the metal prong inside. Does anyone have a picture diagram they can help me out please so I can put back in if possible I don’t want to blow anything?
a picture would help me out a lot. Thank you. Also do you know if that harness could be bought? I try to look it up online shows me everything but what I need.
Thank you everyone for your help.
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Thank you everyone for your help. Yes battery was disconnected before trying this removable it was dangerous I was messing with fire someone that had it before me butchered a couple harnesses I think someone tried installing either a steering wheel control wire to radio or tried doing a remote start and didn’t know what they were doing obviously wrong harness. I was able to find diagram and put my few wires back with no problems. Seem strong and sound but I have it going to a shop that I know that’s really good at this stuff I’m confident they will steer me in the right direction. I’m sure I did fine too.
I appreciate all your inputs and concerns.
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