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Steering wheel control buttons.

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Hi Everyone. I’m new on here and I could use some help please. I have 2011 Nissan Versa. I was trying to replace my clock spring I guess that’s what’s called behind the wheel. I had a really difficult time getting the yellow airbag plug and the grey one next to it off. I was trying to pull the grey one out with a screw driver and by accident I cut off three wires that were to the grey plug. The wires came out with the metal prong inside. Does anyone have a picture diagram they can help me out please so I can put back in if possible I don’t want to blow anything?
a picture would help me out a lot. Thank you. Also do you know if that harness could be bought? I try to look it up online shows me everything but what I need.
Thank you everyone for your help.
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The 3 wires that got pulled out were in the grey harness directly next the yellow plug on the bottom of steering wheel. Colors were pink,black and a red wire which were in the grey plug I believe all the yellow wire are in the yellow harness I never touched so I believe the airbag is fine. I’m not sure tho I do have some looking at it. No wire damage was yellow. I would love to locate that grey harness that attaches to to yellow and buy a new one it would make me fell better but I’m sure I’ll be okay. I also want to get my steering wheel functions to work which they don’t right now
Okay everyone I need your expert opinion here this I never came across before in my life and the dealer ship is lost for words. I broke down at the dealer ship waiting for a second key to be made I was outside waiting with the car running until they got me in because I had no appointment on there busy day Monday. As I’m sitting out in the parking lot my car was running and I’m playing with my radio the car just simply stalled out in the middle of no where. And I tried starting it back up I get nothing at all no crank at all. I replaced the starter and alternator in there parking yesterday not even a crank still. It almost feels like electrical or my alarm system doesn’t recognize my key anymore. I am lost for words I tried everything in my power to figure this out and the dealer is lost too. They try hooking up to there diagnostic system nothing. I checked fuses and tried a couple relays that were close to my match but not direct match. So 150 in a starter and 150 in alternator and 265 tow back home. This car won’t even give me 1 crank and odd thing I noticed is that my rear defroster light switch will not turn off kills my battery.
had battery charging but won’t stay charged with out running for altnator to work.
This is my 2011 Nissan versa. I dumped so much money in to this and what a tiring day yesterday. If I don’t get back to work tomorrow I’ll lose my job at the USPS. Please any help here would be very appreciated I live in the country with my daughter my car is our life line.
thank you again Nissan Exsperts
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They are very good points and concerns now. I am low on gas too. Car won’t even crank over at all not even in neutral. I checked that. Relays im not certain on I didn’t replace them all apparently the relays for Nissan versa or the ones that I need are on back Order or something they can’t be bought until April 28th by my autozone n advance auto. Or online. You have me wondering with the relay and neutral saftety though. My problem all accrued from the person before me tried installing a remote start cutting up wires in a bunch of harnesses that weren’t needed. The safety switch is one place that would be needed for remote start. I wish I new more about cars to test these theories I have no idea how. I’ve learned a ton from this car tho. I appreciate your input
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